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Class 71

William is from Anson County and is a 36-year-old single father. He has always had a passion for cooking and is willing to try all types of food. He eventually wants to open his own food truck, but he knows that funding it will be hard. He decided that he would need to go back to school, get the skills that he needs to be successful, and then start pursing opportunities to open his own business. So, when he heard about CCSC from an alumna, he knew that it would be a great opportunity. From his first visit with Chef Ron and Pam, William has enjoyed every moment. The easy-going, cool, family environment makes it’s a great learning experience. He’s especially loved learning how to take simple ingredients, adding a little variety, and turning it into a whole meal. After he graduates, William would like to continue working on his food truck that will have a focus on BBQ.