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Class 76

“Have passion and love what you do, because that’s the only way it’ll be done right.” Sylvie was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Winston-Salem, NC, and moved to Charlotte three years ago. She says that food has changed her life for the better. She comes from a big, international family where food has always been at the core. A dinnertime staple was always her mom’s macaroni salad. Sylvie’s mom passed away in 2019, and one of the ways she keeps her mom’s memory alive is through the macaroni salad, which she one day hopes to sell, naming it “Mom’s Mac.” Her favorite part of the hospitality industry is the atmosphere and experience of it. She says that if you’re paying to eat somewhere, it needs to be good, because you spent your hard-earned money on it. In addition to a welcoming environment, Sylvie says it’s important to put love and passion into the food that you make. “You can tell when you eat food that’s been made with love.” Right now, School is her priority. Sylvie is looking forward to getting ServSafe® certified after graduation and then finding work in the hospitality industry. She is passionate about serving people, providing the right experience, and making her mom proud in everything she does.