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Class 67

Josh was born in Florida, but has lived all over the place because his Dad was in the Navy. He’s lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, Iowa and back to North Carolina. His Mom was born in Columbia and moved to the States in the 80s, and met his Dad when he was deployed. She is a flight attendant, but is currently furloughed during Covid. After High School, Josh’s plan was to go to college, but he didn’t know what to do. After three semesters at CPCC, he decided to leave. Josh considers himself to be decent at cooking, so his Mom encouraged him to look up cooking schools. After learning more about CCSC’s tuition free program, Josh decided to enroll. He says it’s been a fun experience, and he has enjoyed being productive and seeing the entire process of preparing food. After he graduates, Josh would like to get a job in a kitchen to build up his reputation and to make connections. Eventually, he would like to own his own restaurant. Welcome to Class 67, Josh!