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Class 72

“It was a sign from God himself. It’s time for my second chance.” Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Gabe has felt like an adult since the age of seven. He is the oldest of three siblings and had to care for them starting at a very young age because they were all born to a teen mom. Gabe grew up fast. He was taught to learn skills that would always be relevant, no matter what was going on in the world, so he would always have a way to provide for himself and his family. Fast forward from childhood to the pandemic, and Gabe graduated from cosmetology school in New York, stating “people will always need to get their hair done.” This was a backup, a relevant skill, but this wasn’t what he really wanted to do. Gabe wanted to find his purpose in life and moved to Charlotte to find it. Throughout his life, Gabe has been in and out of homelessness, and is currently homeless at the time of this interview. One day, CCSC came into the shelter Gabe was staying at to speak and he knew right then that God was giving him a sign. It was then that Gabe knew what his purpose was – to cook, to feed the community, and to be in the kitchen. Gabe is also transgender. He transitioned at the age of 31. Now at 33, Gabe is finally coming into his own, with both his purpose and who he truly is. We are so proud and honored to say that CCSC was able to play a part in Gabe’s life story.