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Class 69

Daniel is 27 years old and is from Shelby, NC. His mom is from the island of Tonga. After he graduated from High School, Daniel went straight to work. His first job was at Panera Bread, and he’s worked at other jobs since then to add to his culinary experience. He is currently working at Amazon. Ever since he was young, Daniel has been interested in cooking. After school, while his brother watched cartoons, Daniel watched the Food Network. The pandemic caused him to look seriously into starting a career in the culinary field. He first looked at CPCC but was worried about the financial costs, so he was referred to CSCC where he learned that it was tuition free for students. Daniel applied to CCSC and finally enrolled on the third try. He feels like the timing now has worked out for a reason. The entire experience at CCSC has been more than he’s expected. He’s especially enjoyed the hands-on experience and getting to learn more in-depth baking. After he graduates, he would like to start his own catering business, but in the meantime, he’s open to another culinary job to continue to build up his experience. Welcome to Class 69, Daniel!