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Class 68

Candice is a true Charlottean and mom of six. One of her sons, Quashaun, is currently enrolled in CCSC with her! Candice has loved being in the kitchen since she was eight years old. By the time she was 11, she was already cooking full meals. When her mom came home from a long day of work, dinner would be ready for her, and she enjoyed being able to take care of her mom in that way. Now that she is a mom herself, she enjoys taking care of her kids in the same way. Candice has always felt a sense of urgency to try different foods. She will use a recipe as a guide but loves putting her own spin on things. In February 2020, she was told she would lose her job due to downsizing. She has always known that she wanted to attend culinary school, so she saw this as an opportunity to invest in her cooking. She has loved attending CCSC, and she is already feeling sad thinking about her last day. She and Quashaun have already established a catering company called “Bennett’s Down 2 Da Bone.” After she graduates, she is looking forward to getting her business off and running. As far as her business goes, she will make sure that she gives back to her community and help feed those who are less fortunate. Welcome to Class 68, Candice!