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Class 69

Allegra is a proud Charlotte native, graduating from West Mecklenburg High School. She is also currently expecting her first child in January! Food has always been Allegra’s heart and passion. She remembers experimenting with cooking at 9 years old by putting pancakes in the microwave and making hot sauce chicken. Whenever her great-grandmother cooked something, Allegra would always try to sneak a peek into her pot. She would always get caught, but she never stopped exploring. She loves trying all kinds of foods because “you never know what you might like unless you try it.” Her favorite recipe so far is CCSC’s Meatloaf recipe because it’s so different from what she’s used to, and she’s been able to adjust the taste to her liking. Allegra was supposed to come to CCSC in 2017, but she experienced a couple of setbacks. She feels grateful to be attending CCSC now because everything happens when they are supposed to happen and that’s not always necessarily on your timeline. She’s excited to be able to pass down everything that she’s learning from CCSC to her child. Welcome to Class 69, Allegra!