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Class 74

“Find out about what you’re truly passionate about and give it your all.” Yolanda has seen it all and been down on her luck but has not let that stop her. She was stationed in Africa for four years with the Marine Corps doing aviation operations and saw many of the people she worked hand in hand with, day in and day out, not make it back home to their families. Once her contract was up, she decided to come back home to her family and change career paths. Already having a degree in surgical technology, she went back to what she knew. When COVID hit, Yolanda was out of her job as a surgical tech and switched gears once again. She had always been told that she was good at cooking and always knew she would cook one day, so that’s exactly what she did. COVID allowed her to pause and think about what truly mattered to her, what drove her. Yolanda was introduced to CCSC through her research with the Veterans Services of the Carolinas and knew it was the right next step for her. She wants to make her teenage son proud and have fun in what she’s doing. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next, Yolanda!