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Wednesday, Class 68


Class 68

Wednesday is a true Charlotte native! She graduated from South Mecklenburg High School and attended college in Raleigh, where she studied Prelaw and Ministry. She went on to work for the Post Office and Frito Lays. When she got hurt on the job, she saw it as a chance to pursue other opportunities. Having worked a physically demanding career, Wednesday decided to take the leap into the culinary field. She grew up in a home of cookers with her Mom and Dad, and she is now raising a home of cookers with her seven children. She loves to feed others and believes that her catering is a ministry to help other people. She often volunteers at the homeless shelter, and she could see that her food brought joy, as well as made life a little easier for the people in the shelter. She wants to continue that joy for others when she opens her own restaurant. Wednesday googled a lot of culinary schools, but what attracted her to CCSC was it’s mission and focus on helping others through culinary arts. Although she has experience, she wants to learn about serving food safely and overall culinary professionalism. She can’t wait to learn more about baking so that she can give her son Amri all of the tools to make him into a successful baker. Welcome to Class 68, Wednesday!