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Class 71

Wanita is from Badin, NC, and comes from a large extended family. She is the baby of four and is a proud aunt and godmother. She studied Healthcare and Business Administration at Winston-Salem State University for two years and would like to return to study Dental Health. Wanita loves food, but her favorite food is the kind where she can feel it, and it makes her want to get up and dance. She has always watched the Food Network, and wanted to learn how to cook, but she always thought it would be something that she would do when she was older. But then a fellow student referred her to CCSC, and she thought, “why not now?” Wanita has loved attending CCSC. “CCSC has the people and resources to put us in positions to win and be successful.” She also says that coming to School every day is like being at home. It’s a family environment, where she gets to eat good food and learn so much during the process. It’s taught her how to get along with people in the kitchen, keep a positive attitude, and to listen to constructive criticism. After Wanita graduates, she wants to open her own business or non-profit and be the boss.