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Class 73

“Being accepted into Class 73 was confirmation that God was opening doors for me.” Victoria discovered CCSC through resources and through her roommates at a local homeless shelter. Although she experienced a few roadblocks during the application process, she didn’t let anything stop her. Victoria was motivated and determined. “I want this more than anything,” she says when talking about graduation, “The sky is the limit as to where I can go.” When she was homeless, Victoria learned a lot about herself and others. “Homeless people are God’s people, too.” She says it’s important to care for and respect others, as you don’t know what anyone else is going through. She wants to use what she has learned at CCSC to give back and teach others. Victoria hopes to help others out of homelessness, just as she was helped. One day she wants to start her own catering business and donate a portion of her earnings to non-profits that help women and the homeless.