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Ty, Class 61

Ty was born in Syracuse, NY and lived with his mother and two siblings. During his teenage years, his mother worked late nights. After Ty’s older brother left for the military, there was no one keeping an eye on him. Ty started roaming the streets and fell into the wrong crowd. For close to fifteen years, he was in and out of the trouble with the law. “I thought I had no other talent.” It took hitting a low point for Ty to wake up and realize he could create a life he was proud of.

To make a fresh start for himself, Ty moved in Charlotte, where he could be close to his cousin and close friend. Through research, he found CCSC and followed us on our social media accounts. Since joining Class 61, Ty sees this as his second chance.  “I know I am smart enough to accomplish what I want. And what I want is a better life for myself and my children – and for them to follow my example.”

Ty’s biggest takeaways from being in our program are etiquette and professionalism. He is focused on always being kind, helpful and trustworthy towards his classmates and instructors. Ty is motivated to pursue business management courses so he can eventually be an Executive Chef. We hope to see great things from Ty because we see his deliberate process and confidence as he progresses through class!