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Class 67

Tricia is from Lancaster, SC and she has one daughter, one son and three grandchildren! Tricia does not have a favorite food because she loves testing all kinds of foods and doesn’t want to play favorites. However, if you asked her kids, they would be quick to say that they love her Salmon paddies. After she graduates, Tricia would love to have her own catering business. She already has her own Facebook page called “Pink, Pickle, Pat” showcasing her cooking and presentation skills. Tricia has worked in manufacturing for over 20 years, and she grew tired of the heavy lifting. Tricia has always loved cooking, so she decided to try to pursue her passion. She went online and searched for “culinary schools,” and found CCSC. She says that she applied, received a response, and enrolled within a few days! She commutes over an hour every day to come to School, but it is worth it. She says, “It’s the most exciting thing I've done in a long time! I can not wait to see what I will be learning every day, and it’s been an amazing experience to watch and learn first-hand from the Chefs." Welcome to Class 67, Tricia!