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Class 71

Thelma is a native of Charlotte and the eldest of 13 siblings. At 10 years old, she was cooking for her entire family. Trained by her parents and grandparents as a child, she developed a love for cooking. She still loves cooking for the family and trying new recipes. She recently met a lady who owns her restaurant and had attended CCSC. She gave Thelma her business card. After speaking to her further, she encouraged her to check out CCSC especially since it was located close to her. So, after visiting the Café a few times, she was impressed with the display from the Bakery. Giving it further thought, she decided to attend even though she was hesitant at first. Concluding that it’s never too late in life learn, and one thing’s for sure, there’s always something to learn when it comes to cooking. Attending CCSC was her first experience ever cooking in a Professional kitchen with Professional Chefs. It’s been quite an experience to remember, “I’m grateful I took the opportunity to attend and very grateful for the things I learned.” She’s appreciated how safety and sanitation was thoroughly expressed. Other things she has learned is knife skills, how to break down or enlarge a recipe, the importance of tasting as you cook, organization of prep work, how to create great tasting food, onsite demonstrations, the proper use of utensils and how to repurpose what you have on hand to make a meal, and so much more. A special thank you for the recipes given during training. She encourages anyone who has a desire to improve their cooking abilities, whether to become a Home Chef or if you’re seeking a career in the food industry, to apply to CCSC. After she completes her 14-week training, Thelma hopes to cook for the elderly, specializing in meals to accommodate their health needs and continue developing quality knowledge to share with her grandchildren.