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Stephanie, Class 61

Stephanie, also known as Coop, is always on the go. She juggles working a full-time job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Aldersgate Retirement Community, and being a full-time student at Community Culinary. This determined student of Class 61 finds fulfilment, and she flourishes in the hospitality industry, which is why she has chosen to pursue baking!

Originally from West Virginia, Stephanie moved to Charlotte twenty eight years ago after Hurricane Hugo. Having children, she entered the workforce at a young age, unable to finish her high school degree. She took courses to become a Certified Nursing Assistant so she could provide for her two children. After thirteen years flew by, Stephanie realizes that while her family was important, she needs to think of herself too. “I don’t take much time for myself because I am looking after others, but cooking is something just for me.”

She discovered CCSC online and thought “this is it!” Now part of Class 61, Stephanie attends from 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM, then jumps to her full time job at Aldersgate from 3:00 PM – any time after midnight. Rather than complain, Stephanie always comes to School with a smile and can’t wait to absorb all tips, tricks and cooking culture from the Chef-Instructors. When Stephanie graduates, she wants to transition into baking as a side job, and to progressively grow her baking business online. Diligence like Stephanie’s makes her shine in our culinary training program and CCSC can’t wait to see her progress!