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Class 70

Shay is from Salisbury, NC, although her family is scattered from Philadelphia to Charlotte. She is currently working at RHA Health Services helping to take care of special needs adults. Shay has always liked to cook. She baked her first cake at 2 years old – a vanilla cake with sprinkles. Her Mom, Grandma and Great-Aunt were all influential in getting her involved with cooking. She completed an internship at a bakery and was accepted into two culinary schools four years ago, but she didn’t want to attend until she knew that her passion was in cooking. Shay was working at RHA when she started really thinking about her goals. She toured CCSC and another culinary school in Guilford County, but she says that she instantly felt welcomed at CCSC, and everyone had a good energy. She has really enjoyed the approach and the appearance of everything at CCSC. After she graduates, Shay wants to open her own food truck and eventually get her Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Arts.