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Class 70

Shaka is a Charlotte native. His parents had him at a young age, so his Grandma raised him. He is currently working at American Airlines doing fleet service, as well as working part time doing valet at a hotel and delivering for Door Dash. Shaka was experiencing anxiety and depression, so he went to a facility rehab center to help him concentrate on positive things. While he was there, he found a passion for cooking. He has always been a creative thinker, and it’s been easy for him to translate that into food. Shaka heard about CCSC from his stepmom. After he left the rehab facility, he was telling her how cooking has been helping him deal with tough times. She told him that the School was tuition-free and specialized in helping adults who were facing challenges and wanted extra assistance. Shaka says that attending the School and graduating is the greatest and proudest thing that he’s ever done. He’s never been a school person, but this gave him an opportunity to feel good about himself and his commitment to his passion. While attending CCSC, he’s learned the importance of professionalism and the value of never wasting food. After Shaka graduates, he wants to expand his mobile Hibachi business, and continue to build up his clientele and brand. He’s excited to see what he can do next.