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Riquita & Armani

Class 73

“The kitchen is our peace. It makes us happy to come to school every day.” Mother and daughter Riquita and Armani are two peas in a pod, and just happen to be two Class 73 students! Originally, it was just Armani who was going to attend CCSC. When her mom dropped her off for her interview, Riquita decided she wanted a piece of the action too! Riquita says she was excited to go to school with her daughter, as it could be a bonding opportunity outside of the house for them. With Armani being the middle child and the only daughter, bonding is important for these two. While Armani has always loved cooking, after watching her grandmother in the kitchen growing up, cooking never came naturally to Riquita. She developed her love for it later in life, saying that one day she woke up and wanted to learn more. After researching different culinary programs in the Charlotte area, Riquita decided that CCSC was the best choice for her daughter (and later herself) after she saw the reviews and photos of the program. She liked how hands on the School is and how the students get an intimate, working relationship with the chef instructors while in class. From finishing each other’s sentences to cooking together in the kitchen, this mother daughter duo are too sweet to miss. Welcome to Class 73!