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Class 72

“Always follow your dreams. Don’t give up.” Reggie has been in Charlotte since he was born in 1978. He was taught to cook from his grandmother, who always told him that learning to cook would mean he wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else to do it for him. As a teenager, Reggie made a bad choice, which resulted in a felony charge and five years in prison. That felony charge has haunted him and followed him to this day and is often the reason for not being able to keep stable employment. He turned to CCSC because of our promise to help students obtain successful employment, and because he loves to cook. Reggie’s favorite food to eat is a good, old-fashioned hamburger with all the toppings. Not only does Reggie love hamburgers, but his little brother did too. His brother, Antwon, was murdered in 2004 and Reggie misses him every day. After graduation, Reggie plans to continue education in the culinary industry and open a food truck, dedicated to Antwon. He will serve hamburgers and hot dogs.