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Class 69

Rachel was born in Jersey but was raised in Charlotte. She is currently working with her mom at her Honduran restaurant, La Catracha Restaurant. Her family has always been making authentic Honduras food. Her grandparents owned a restaurant in Honduras, and when her grandmother moved to Jersey, she opened her own restaurant as well. Eventually her parents followed in her grandparents’ footsteps and decided that they wanted to make a living for their family in the restaurant business as well. Rachel first heard about CCSC when her dad told her about it. She has always dreamed about becoming a Chef, so she was eager to enroll and gain valuable experience. She has loved every aspect of CCSC so far. She’s learned so much and has already improved a lot from the first week. She’s glad that she’s here and took this opportunity. After Rachel graduates, she wants to continue gaining experience working in a restaurant and eventually open her own. Welcome to Class 69, Rachel!