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Class 70

Omar is from the US and has West Indian and Dominican roots. He has a background working as an artist, doing painting and graphic design. He is currently working with a gallery in the North Davidson (NoDa) neighborhood, as well as at the West End Fresh Seafood Market. Omar has been cooking since he was 17 years old, working with Roberto Mangione at Mangione's Ristorante on East Boulevard. He was the first African American to ever work in Mangione’s kitchen. In addition to his experience, he has also studied under Jamie Lynch. Omar stumbled across the culinary field because he was really just looking for a job. But he’s enjoyed working in it because it allows him to be creative as well. Omar was looking into culinary schools to learn more about menu design and the administrative background of working in a restaurant. When a friend recommended CCSC to him, it worked out well because the School’s schedule fit with his work schedule. After he graduates, Omar wants to go back to school and learn more about restaurant design from front of the house to the back and experimenting with different textures and aesthetics.