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Class 76

“Moving to the US was the best choice I’ve ever made.” Nyah was born and raised on the island of St. Martin, in the Caribbean. Shortly after COVID, he moved here with his dad and stepmom for a better life. “Living on the island was very laid back. When we moved here, suddenly everything was fast paced, and people were worried about credit scores. It was an adjustment for sure.” Even though it was an adjustment, Nyah says it’s the best choice he’s ever made. Living in the US has allowed him opportunities to make himself and his family proud. Back in the Caribbean, Nyah worked at a seafood restaurant. He says that he has always enjoyed cooking because of the smile it puts on people's faces. Once in the US, he wanted to learn more about the American style of cooking, so he wanted a formal education; that’s when he found CCSC. Driving from Statesville every day for class, Nyah wants to learn as much as he can in his 14 weeks with the School, making every second count. “The drive is long, but worth it. The chefs push us and make sure we leave here a better person than we came as.” After graduation, Nyah wants to continue to grow in the culinary industry and find a job with benefits so he can support his dad and stepmom. “They have given me so much in life, and I want to take care of them.” We are happy to have you in Class 76, Nyah!