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Class 76

“Perseverance got me where I am today.” Niy says that cooking is a coping mechanism for her, and that cooking is her love language. She enjoys taking care of people and says that “people always need to eat, so why not cook for them?” After high school, Niy was tired of school and did not want to attend programs that would take up to two to four years of her life while not being hands-on. That’s when she came across the Community Culinary School of Charlotte (CCSC) on social media after searching high and low for a program that she knew would be a great fit and enhance her experience and while giving her hands-on learning opportunity. “After my initial tour, I fell in love with the School. It’s a blessing to be here.” She says that the chef instructors have taught her that if you mess up, you can always fix it and make it better. “The knowledge from the instructors will take me far, both in the industry and in life.” Since the start of Class 76, Niy has obtained a job as a cook at The Compass Group, through connections made in class and is looking forward to where the job will take her. However, it can be said that, so far, the most impactful part of School to Niy has been Chef Anthony, one of the chef instructors. All throughout middle school and high school, Niy was a track star. Since middle school, she had had the same coach, Coach Anthony, who was there as a coach and as a father figure to her. “No one knew me like Coach Anthony,” she said. Sadly, Coach Anthony passed away recently, leaving a void in Niy’s life. When she came to School, she met Chef Anthony. “Not only did Chef Anthony look like Coach Anthony, but he also treats me and talks to me in the same way. It was a sign that this is where I am supposed to be.” We are glad you’re here, Niy!