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Class 70

Nechia was born in Charlotte and was raised by her paternal grandparents. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Savannah State University. She is busy raising her 7-year-old son and doing her own catering jobs when she has time. Nechia started learning to cook with her grandmother when she was three years old, but she distinctly remembers trying to make eggs on her own when she was just two years old. Her favorite food is collard greens, and her son loves her Mac and Cheese. Nechia remembers hearing about CCSC when she was younger, and the School was located on Distribution Street, not too far from her house. Her friends and family have always encouraged her to sell her food, but it wasn’t until day three at CCSC that she realized it was truly her passion. She and her business partners have big visions of opening their own café and then full-service restaurant, so she wanted the credentials to go with it. Being at CCSC feels natural to her and she’s excited to use her God-given talents through her baking and cooking.