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Murph, Class 61


Murph grew up in Powellsville, NC with his foster parents. After graduating high school, he moved toNew York to look for jobs that would make him self-sufficient. Murph’s grandfather was a chef and always encouraged him to pursue cooking, but he wasn’t convinced. Murph had the opportunity to go to a culinary school in New York but turned it down to pursue a higher-paying New York City transit job. He worked at the transit job and many print manufacturing companies for over 30 years.

It wasn’t until he started his own family that Murph understood the satisfaction in preparing meals for the people you love. Over the years, Murph and his wife raised their children, grandchildren, foster children, and even adopted two children they previously fostered. He always received compliments on his cooking from the children he cared for. When Murph retired, he had to focus on his diabetes and his family. Working his whole life, he wanted to keep busy after retirement rather than sit at home. Once Murph had control over his health, he researched jobs at the library, where he read an article on CCSC. Since becoming a student of Class 61, Murph has shown his peers that he “gets it,” says Victor Ward, counselor and student coordinator at CCSC. Murph is respectful to everyone and concentrates fully on his task at hand. We at CCSC appreciate Murph’s initiative, and notice the progress he is making in our Workforce Training Program!