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Class 68

Mister is from San Francisco, CA and moved to Charlotte in 2008. His Dad’s side of the family lives here, and he wanted to make the move to build different relationships and try out a new place. Eventually, he would like to retire back home in San Francisco. Mister started working in the culinary field because it was an easy way for him to get a job. But as he started to work in the kitchen, he realized he liked cooking. He enjoys cooking, golfing and playing chess, although not always in that order. Mister is at CCSC because he wants to refine his skills and to learn the “why” of cooking. Why does it taste good? Why do we use these ingredients? He also wants to learn proper chef etiquette and correct culinary terminology. After he graduates, Mister wants to run a side business catering, work with kids, and play golf. Welcome to Class 68, Mister!