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Class 67

Michelle is from the Philippines and came to the United States in 2001 with her father and brother. They lived in Virginia Beach, where she eventually met her husband. They have three boys, ranging from 11 to 15 years old. Michelle and her family moved to Charlotte in 2013 when her husband was offered a new job. She enjoys all that Charlotte has to offer, including the parks and all the places to visit. Michelle has always liked to cook, and her friends and family enjoy it! Just recently, she was honored to be asked by her neighbors to make their anniversary dinner. Seeing others enjoy her food makes her happy. She loves seafood, especially fish and rice, but her family always requests for Lumpia, which is Filipino fried spring rolls filled with ground pork or beef and mixed vegetables. Michelle was looking up the costs to go to culinary schools, and when she saw that CCSC was tuition free, she took it as a sign that she should try it. She says that she has enjoyed everything so far, and she has learned that patience is the best thing when cooking and baking. Welcome to Class 67, Michelle!