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Class 67

Latoya was born and raised in Charlotte. Currently, she works at the Charlotte Hornets Arena and the restaurant, Bella Ciao. Latoya grew up watching her family cook, so it has always been a part of her life. She fondly remembers her Grandmother’s strawberry cake, with homemade cream cheese frosting. At 97 years old, her grandmother does not cook as much anymore, but she still loves to eat. Latoya lives down the road from CCSC, so she was constantly driving by and seeing the School sign. She has always worked two jobs and felt like she could not fit it into her schedule. But when COVID-19 happened, her hours were cut, and she decided to seize the opportunity of having more time. She loves the hands-on learning, the chefs, their different cooking styles, and the overall atmosphere. She is excited to learn the business aspects of being in the culinary field, such as managing food costs and menu planning. After she graduates, Latoya hopes to open her own small restaurant, specializing in individualized catering in a private setting. Welcome to Class 67, Latoya!