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Class 70

Keyera is a Charlotte native staying busy taking care of her three kids: a 10-year son and 3-year-old twins, a boy, and a girl. Keyera has been cooking with her grandmothers for her whole life. Now that she has a daughter of her own, she wants to pursue her passion for cooking, open her own café, and pass it on to her daughter. Already at 3 years old, her daughter likes to bake and loves being her mom’s taste tester. In 2020, Keyera was in a bad car accident and suffered a brain injury. As a result, she experiences epilepsy, with memory loss and seizures. Although it was a hard experience, it made her realize that she needed to live her life and pursue her dream of opening her own café to leave a legacy for her kids. Even though Keyera has been cooking her whole life, she was still interested in learning the proper techniques, so one day when she was home with some free time, she decided to Google culinary schools. She found CCSC, applied and enrolled. Keyera was surprised at being in the kitchen right away, but she loves the hands-on learning.