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Class 73

Kao is 35 years old and has lived in the United States since he was three months old. He and his parents moved here from Thailand in 1987 so they could have a better life, and so Kao would be able to fulfill all of his dreams. His dad was the cook of the family, and always told Kao that he had better pay attention and learn how to cook because Dad wouldn’t be there to take care of him forever. While Kao didn’t always enjoy cooking, he knew enough about it to know his way around the kitchen. One of his favorite dishes to make is a Spicy Asian Alfredo. A few years ago, Kao got into some trouble and ended up in prison. He has been out for six months now. He found CCSC through the resources provided to him when he got out. “I was lucky enough to be accepted into Class 73, and here I am,” he says. He says he thought he knew a thing or two about cooking, but when he got here, “I realized the world is a much bigger place than I thought. I thought I knew how to cook, but I was wrong.” He is looking forward to learning and being a sponge in the kitchen. After graduation, he wants to continue education in the culinary industry so that one day he can open a food truck. We are grateful to have Kao in Class 73!