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Class 73

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Kam has always been around food. Whether it was seeing her grandmother in the kitchen, her godmother baking, or her father being a chef in the hotel industry, it has always been around her. While in high school, Kam got mixed up with the wrong crowd and made some mistakes. From age 16-18, she was in and out of jail. However, she is not going to let this rocky past define her. She says that after graduating high school, she began to see how her past can affect her future, as it already had. Even though college wasn’t in the cards for her at the time, she wanted to learn how to further her cooking skills, make her own stuff, and make a name for herself. That’s when Kam found CCSC. Kam is friends with a CCSC alumnus, who attended Class 72, and found out about the School from them. She took the initiative to apply, and the rest is history. When asked about advice to future students, she said, “Be yourself, be open, and come with an open mind.” Well said, Kam!