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Class 72

“I wouldn’t be who I am today without my grandmother, my mom, and my stepfather.” Born and raised in a Haitian household, with Haitian immigrant grandparents, Justin’s love of food and family is deeply intertwined. As soon as he could stand, he was next to his mom in the kitchen watching her cook. His grandmother is the one who taught his mom to cook, and then his mom passed it on to him. “My mom is one of my biggest inspirations, and my grandmother is my best friend,” Justin said. That’s where it all started. After graduating from high school, Justin took a detour from cooking and tried out his luck in the IT world. After a year, he realized that IT wasn’t for him, and that’s when he found CCSC. At first, he was rebelling against going to school. His stepfather kept telling him that education is something that everyone needs, and that’s what pushed him to attend. Justin credits his stepfather with being a big inspiration in his education. Aside from family, the fact that Justin is a diabetic has been a huge push for why he cooks. He seeks food that is good for his body, and he has found that it’s best when he makes it for himself. Justin’s main goal with attending CCSC is to learn how to cook on a professional level. His mom is getting ready to open Charlotte’s first Haitian restaurant, and he is set to be head chef. We are happy to be able to provide Justin with the tools he needs to succeed, and to make his family proud!