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Class 71

Hope was born and raised in Charlotte, and she comes from a family of strong women, which includes her, her mother, and her grandmother. Her grandmother was the cook in the house, so she was always helping in the kitchen cooking or stirring something. Her grandmother would feed the whole neighborhood if she could, and her food always made people feel good. Hope wants to be that same kind of cook, where her food inspires goodness in people. Hope has known about CCSC for over ten years and has stopped in to buy food, but she never thought about enrolling. But during covid, she mentioned to the rent assistance program that she enjoyed cooking, and they referred her to CCSC. She says it’s been a good experience, and it has especially helped her learn how to work with others in the kitchen, because she usually cooks alone. After she graduates, Hope wants to pursue grants and sponsorships so that she can begin funding her own food truck. She’s looking forward to naming it “Mabel’s” after her grandmother.