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Class 73

“I have something to live for and to fight for now.” Born in Queens, NY, Hassan has had dreams of attending culinary school since the age of 17. He had been trying to complete a program for many years, but a few detours to prison got him off track. Hassan has a five-year-old daughter now and says that he has grown past his mistakes and his past. Having a little girl to provide for has helped him open his eyes and overcome his demons. “I have something to live for and to fight for now,” saying that he was in a dark place during the years he was in and out of prison. Hassan was referred to CCSC through a reentry service program offered to people as a fresh start and a second chance. He said the moment he learned about the School, he knew he had to come. He is excited to finally graduate from a culinary program, and we are excited to be able to offer him that opportunity. Knowing that after graduation he will have to work from the bottom up, Hassan wants to make it to a place where he can own a food truck or a catering business. He wants to serve shish kabobs. He says, “Do what you love, no matter your passion.”