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Class 74

“I want people to know that I am honest and have a good heart. I love to help.” Germain was introduced to CCSC through his transitional housing roommate, a Class 73 graduate! Since being released from prison on December 15, 2022, Germaine has been focusing on bettering himself and pursuing his passions. Cooking seems to be all in the family because he gets his love for the culinary industry from both sides, but especially from his grandmother and his sister. His sister owns her own catering business and food truck and is looking forward to when Germaine can work with her. Germaine says seeing how successful his sister is and how passionate she is about doing what she loves has motivated him to push himself to better his craft. While in prison, Germaine kept a notebook of magazine clippings of food and recipes as well as recipes he thought of himself. He says that all he knew then was that he loved to cook and had no idea that six months later he would be realizing his dream of attending culinary school. He is grateful to be attending CCSC, saying “This is the place to be if you dream of being a successful cook.”