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Evanna "Evee"

Class 69

Evanna, “Evee” is from Cleveland, OH and is currently working at AmeriGas Propane as a delivery administrator. She didn’t know much about Charlotte but came here because it sounded more promising in terms of career opportunities. She is specializing in vegan cuisine and has already recognized that vegan worth is more valuable in Charlotte than in Cleveland. Evee has been cooking her whole life. Her older sister was only 19 years old when she started taking care of Evee and her brother. They all had to help, so Evee took on the role of cooking for the family. She just kept getting better and better at cooking, and she also became much more health conscious. Obesity runs in her family, and she didn’t want to go down that path. Since transitioning to a vegan diet, Evee has lost 100 lbs. For her, it wasn’t just about losing the weight, but about taking care of her heart and her body in the long term. Evee did some research on culinary schools and found CCSC. On her first visit to the School and Café, Senico gave her an application, and Chef Ron immediately took her back to the kitchen. She has loved working with so many people who are like-minded to her. Typically, she is very shy, but being at CCSC, she feels like she can be herself. Already, the most valuable lesson she has learned is to not be so wasteful. Every part can be used, and things can always be substituted with items she already has in the kitchen. After she graduates, Evee has a goal of being a part of a food festival and sharing her vegan flare, along with her mission statement, which is to bring health awareness and to make it fun! Welcome to Class 69, Evee!