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Class 67

Eric is from Tenerife, Canary Islands, a Spanish island next to Africa. He moved to Miami when he was young, and just recently came to Charlotte about a year and half ago. His Grandpa was a fisherman, so he distinctly remembers his Grandma utilizing every part of the fish and making soup. His Mom was also a big Spanish cooker, often making the dish, Paella. It consists of yellow rice, clams, shrimp, octopus, black and green olives, and red peppers. Eric has a background working in the graphic arts field. He has worked at a newspaper, and just recently, he was creating record labels. He has always liked cooking, but he never thought to pursue it. But when he started looking for a new job, his family encouraged him to learn another field to add to his growing skill set. It was their support that motivated him to apply to CCSC and eventually attend! Eric says that he really likes the teachers, and that it has been a great school especially if you do not have a background in cooking. Welcome to Class 67, Eric!