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Class 74

“There is a light at the end of every tunnel.” Due to parental neglect, Daniel has experienced homelessness since he was a child, and now, at 19, after 8 years of homelessness, he finally has a stable place to call home. He grew up at The Relatives Crisis Center in Charlotte, NC, and that’s where he came to meet Chef Ron. Daniel attended one of the cooking classes hosted by Chef Ron at The Relatives, and before he knew it, he was signed up to attend Class 74! Daniel has been cooking since he was a child, saying that he is self-taught and self-driven. Throughout his time at The Relatives, he was able to cook breakfast for other housemates. This only drove his passion. “In 2020, I thought I had no future,” he recalled, “But my second family at The Relatives brought me out of my shell and pushed me to be who I am today.” Daniel wanted to attend CCSC because he wants to be able to cook for low-income households and other group homes, saying, “My goal is to end youth homelessness.” Way to go, Daniel!