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Class 70

Damion was born in Elizabeth, NJ and moved to Charlotte with his mom in 2017. He graduated from Mallard Creek High School and started studying Psychology and Graphic Design at CPCC. He’s always knew that colors can affect your mood and feelings, and he wanted to create apparel which reflected that. However, studying Psychology made him realize a lot about himself. He didn’t want to be in school for the next 20 years, but he did want to focus on creating a career that he was passionate about. When he was born, Damion’s dad worked at a restaurant, and his mom was working on getting her Master’s degree in epidemiology, so he was always in the back of a classroom or on top of a freezer. When his grandma opened her own Jamaican restaurant, he helped a lot. He realized that when he was cooking, he felt better about himself, and he liked making people happy though his cooking. He started to consider that he could have a career in the culinary field, not just make a living out of it. So, he went online, researched culinary programs, and found CCSC. He wants to learn everything about the kitchen and serving people. He says it’s been a great experience so far, but it’s been hard to take things one step at a time because he eagerly wants to start everything that he has planned now. After he graduates, Damion wants to start his own food cart and then eventually build up to his own food truck. The idea of being able to move and go wherever he wants sounds very appealing to him.