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Class 73

“As soon as people see us on the map, I know we’ll be okay.” With Haitian and Cuban roots, Claudia gravitates towards everything Haitian. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she moved to Charlotte 13 years ago after her ex-husband passed away, looking for a fresh start. Back up north, she owned a popular Haitian restaurant that had lines around the block. Once in Charlotte, she realized that there is no brick-and-mortar Haitian restaurant in North Carolina, and thus sought to put Haitian food on the map here. She wants to create a community for the Haitian immigrants in our area. Claudia is currently sheltering three Haitian immigrants at her home, with hopes of adding one or two more to the mix soon. Whether it’s through shelter, food, or love and support, Claudia wants to give an opportunity to those coming into the area and allow them a fighting chance. Cooking allows Claudia to share her love for and knowledge of her culture with others. It is the way she intends to bring the Haitian community in Charlotte together. Claudia found CCSC through her son, Justin, who was a student in Class 72. She signed up for Class 73 the day he graduated. We are grateful that we can help Claudia become an advocate for her community. Say hi to Justin for us!