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Class 73

“My son pushes me to be all I can be.” 24-year-old Caira was raised by her grandma. After graduating high school in 2017, she has cooked at every job she’s ever had. From line cook to manager to traveling trainer, she’s done it all. She decided to take a break from the fast paced life of the culinary industry when she got pregnant with her now 11 month old son, Amory. Caira loves Amory with all her heart, saying “he gives me something to live for.” Having a son allowed her to take responsibility for something other than herself. “He is my why, my purpose, my motivation.” Now that he is getting older, Caira decided she wanted to go back into the culinary industry, and chose to start by going back to school. She chose CCSC because it is fast paced, hands on, and at no cost to students. She says that here she is learning what it means to be a chef and that she looks forward to making her family proud with what she is gaining from the School. “Do something you’re passionate about that will help others be successful, too. Share what you learn along the way.” Well said, Caira!