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Class 71

Brittany is from Charlotte, NC and her close-knit family consists of her, her fiance and her two kids, a 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter. She is very family orientated and they are the focus of her life. Brittany has always been cooking, but it was her daughter who inspired her to join the culinary industry. When her daughter was 5 years old, she told Brittany that she wanted to open her own baking business. So they applied for a business license and opened Sugar Shopp Studios. It’s been a thriving business through word of mouth and social media. Brittany heard about CCSC when she saw an alumni post about graduation on Facebook. She had not heard of the School before so she looked it up online, applied and quickly enrolled. She said it’s been a great experience, and she looks forward to sharing what she’s learned with her family. After she graduates, Brittany will continue taking classes to improve her baking skills and help her daughter with Sugar Shopp Studios.