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Class 70

Brendalyn is from Wilmington, NC but has lived in Raleigh longer than anywhere else. She moved to Charlotte three years after she got married to her husband, who she’s known since the 1st grade. She retired from being a banker after 30 years but had an expansive career that also included being a contractor for the Department of Defense, where she worked managing grants from Historically Black Colleges and Minority college groups to help improve the quality of life for soldiers. Brendalyn says that she knows how to cook the way that she cooks, but her children have always wanted her to write a cookbook. So, when she saw a CCSC segment on the TV twice, she knew that she needed to check it out. It’s been enlightening to learn proper knife skills, “sauces” vs “gravy” and the value of not wasting any food. “The Chefs are truly top notch, professional and knowledgeable. They have a desire to see all of the students succeed.” She owes a debt of gratitude to every graduating class before her, the donors, the grantors, and everyone involved in making CCSC happen. After graduation, Brendalyn wants to continue volunteering and being a part of CCSC’s mission in any way that she can.