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Class 76

“The simple things can add so much to your knowledge.” Born in Pittsburgh, Brandon’s mom moved the family to Charlotte in 1998 looking for a fresh start after what had been a rough upbringing for Brandon. He says that being in Charlotte gave him a fresh start in life and was when he first got to experience true southern food. “Seeing and tasting the difference between southern food and northern food, what we had back in Pittsburgh, is what started my love for cooking.” That, and the first time he got to see how much people truly enjoyed the food he cooked. In his adulthood, Brandon suffered from a crippling gambling addiction. At the time of writing this, he has been clean for 3 years. He says that in his recovery, he has learned to stay focused, be a team player, and learn everything there is to learn. He says that gambling destroyed his life multiple times over and he’s not going to let it happen again. When he’s not at School, Brandon sets up a grill station Thursday through Sunday nights at a spot off Albemarle Road in Charlotte, serving hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and sides. After graduation, he is looking forward to getting a job and working on starting his food truck. When asked about advice for future students, he said, “Pay attention and ask questions. The simple things can add so much to your knowledge and experience in School.” We are proud to have you in Class 76, Brandon!