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Class 72

“I was a mess, but God took me and made me a message.” Bobby was born in southern Georgia in 1975 and was raised by a family that loved to cook. While he learned to cook from his parents at an early age, he also learned how to make bad choices and bad decisions. After enduring a rough life and 27 years of drug abuse and addiction, Bobby says that God has given him a second chance and a second life, which he is very thankful for. He is a graduate of the Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center program in Charlotte, NC and is putting God and cooking at the center of his recovery. He is looking forward to taking what he is learning at CCSC and applying it to what he already knows to make him successful. After graduation, Bobby plans to attend Central Piedmont Community College to obtain a degree in business management, followed by getting all the necessary credentials and permits needed to start a food truck. He says his food truck will focus on soul food and desserts. Bobby likes to make people smile with his food and puts his heart and soul into the creativity and appearance of everything he makes. We are happy to have you, Bobby!