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Class 74

“Resilience is my middle name.” After 20 years of tragedy, Becca is starting over for the third time at 59. She says although it doesn’t seem like it now, the woman she used to be lived a full life. From traveling to 32 different countries, going to cooking school in France and England (but never finishing), and being a head chef at a resort in Panama, she’s done it all. “I am a shell of the woman I once was,” she says, “But I am back to finishing what I started and recovering from my trauma.” Becca is a survivor of domestic violence. A few years ago, her then-husband tried to kill her one night when she was attempting to leave, resulting in 58 different injuries, 5 different reconstructive surgeries, including reattaching her eye. Because COVID kept delaying his trial, he went on to hurt 11 other women before eventually killing himself. Since that night, Becca has been an advocate for domestic violence survivors, women, and people of color. She says, “I am so grateful to be here today, and I have so much gratitude to give.” Despite the hardships and trauma she has endured throughout her life, cooking has always been a constant. She says that her love language is feeding people. Becca believes that sitting, talking, and eating with people is the way to heal the world. “Share a meal, share a story,” she says.