About Us


Linda Vogler, CCSC’s first Executive Director

Founded in 1997, Community Culinary School of Charlotte (CCSC) has a legacy of over 20-years! We continue to provide workforce development training and job placement assistance in the food service industry for adults who face barriers to long-term successful employment. Our 14-week core program teaches culinary arts, job-readiness skills, and goal-setting to help students obtain and maintain career level jobs.

CCSC began in a one-room section of unfinished warehouse space with two students, and grew that space into six offices, a conference room, and a dedicated classroom serving 20 adults in each class.

We relocated mid-2014, adding a new training dimension to CCSC. Our storefront Café further prepares our students for employment by offering front-of-the-house experience and customer service training. Like Encore Catering, our Café provides training and job opportunities to students and alumni while generating revenue for the School.