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Teaching Skills &

Changing Lives.

We provide workforce development training and job placement assistance for adults who face barriers to long-term successful employment. Our vision is to transform the lives of our students and their families and positively impact our community.

Welcome to Community Culinary School of Charlotte

CCSC’s Workforce Training program is a creative solution to the interwoven problems of unemployment, hunger and homelessness. We address the root cause of poverty rather than symptoms – unemployment. We do more than hand someone a fish – we teach students how to clean, cook and sell fish! We provide paths to careers in the food service industry for adults whose barriers include: lack of skills, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, and Veterans’ re-integration issues. CCSC’s overarching program goal is for graduates to move from dependency to self-sufficiency through stable employment.

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At CCSC, we focus on our students’ potential rather than their pasts. We hold students accountable for their own success. And, we require accountability from employers, as our graduates enter the workforce with the skills and certifications to merit fair, living-wage employment. We are in the business of second chances. We can provide a ‘do over’ for individuals with arrest records and addiction issues who are committed to changing their lives.

Chef Ron Ahlert

CCSC Executive Director

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Create Hope

Our Vision is to help break the cycle of homelessness & poverty in our community, and increase upward mobility for CCSC Students & Alumni.

At CCSC, we’re in the business of second chances. We provide a “do-over” for individuals with arrest records and addiction issues who are committed to changing their lives for the better. Our 14-week core program teaches culinary arts, job-readiness skills, life skills and goal-setting to help students obtain self-sufficiency and economic mobility.