Inspirational leaders say the most amazing things. Chef Ron is an inspirational leader. Here, gathered by his students and co-workers, are some of those amazing things. They really go to the heart of what the Community Culinary School of Charlotte is all about:


We are an educational theater here. We help them get off the dole and on the payroll.

We are not a work environment. We are a learning environment.

RedBook200No whining. No excuses. We’re adults. We need to get up and go.

We are sending out people who are seasoned….

We’re privileged to do what we do here. It makes sense. It’s definitely a calling. For me it wasn’t a burning bush type thing. But it was definitely a calling. I don’t question it anymore, what type of will brought me here, whose will. It wasn’t my will.

There is no policeman here. There is not principal here — and there’s no Daddy here. We are adults exchanging information. If students want the information, it will make them a better product, we guarantee it. The better the product they become, the more America is willing to pay for them. That’s the American way.

We’re in a “teach a man to fish” situation here. How do you feed a hungry kid? Well, you get their mom and dad a good job and they start to see that legacy is born in the child.