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    12-12-14 Observer features the Encore Café as one of “3 surprising places to go shopping for food.”

    12-9-14 Video from Miracle on Monroe, the annual fund-raiser for the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

    9-5-14 Electrolux Kitchen taking shape.

    9-3-14 Tour for prospective students of Class 50.

    8-23-14 Boxes and equipment were moved to Monroe Road over the weekend.

    8-19-14 Class 49 graduates.

    7-11-14 We’re moving: Class 50 will open the new Cullinary School in September at 9315 Monroe Road.

    4-22-14 Class 48 graduation videos are here.

    4-15-14 Our Spring newsletter.

    2-6-14 First-quarter newsletter published by e-mail.

    1-26-14 Carmen Morales represented the school at Soup on Sunday, a Hospice fund-raiser held at CPCC’s Culinary Arts Center.


    12-31-13 A special tip of the hat to Anuvia, whose staff members have been the face of CCSC Team Building since 2010.

    12-31-13 We retire the front-page link to the Mary Margaret Traxler Education Fund.

    12-29-13 Monique Maddox is profiled in the Observer’s “7 to Watch” series. Cached.

    12-26-13 This greeting marking the holidays ran on the website through New Year’s Eve.

    12-18-13 The Levine Foundation challenge grant closes with success.

    12-16-13 While awaiting word on outcome of Levine Challenge, a small thanks to all who contributed.

    12-16-13 Our thanks to Jackie Lewis of Thread Designs for her support of the School’s mission.

    12-13-13 Thanks to Spirit of Joy Church for its support of the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

    12-12-13 This holiday greeting ran on the website through Christmas.

    11-27-13 Chef Ron is interviewed in two sections of the Charlotte Observer. Cached.

    11-7-13 The school announces a $10,000 challenge grant from the Levine Foundation.

    11-6-13 School announces is annual Miracle on Distribution Street fund-raiser for Dec. 3.

    11-6-13 Encore Catering is selling Cheddar Pecan Wafers and Pecan Brittle again this year.

    10-14-13 Golf tournament played at Cedarwood Country Club.

    8-3-13 Bistro Buggy is profiled in the Charlotte Observer.

    7-20-13 The 1st Annual Alumni “Back to School” BBQ event, with school supplies for the kids.

    7-11-13 BISTRO! by Class 46.

    6-25-13 Whole Foods pledges to donate 5% of its net sales on this day to the School.

    6-8-13 Chef Ron discusses the school on the Holli Adams show on WGIV.

    5-16-13 Chef Ron presents himself to the Queen.

    4-4-12 Charlotte Today on WCNC features the Culinary School..

    3-13-13 Jodi Helmer’s Last Bite column about the Culinary School in Edible Charlotte Magazine.

    3-11-13 Nfocus magazine profiles the Culinary School. Copies are free at Harris Teeter stores.

    3-7-13 Chef Ron Ahlert wins big at Seed 20.

    3-6-13 WSOC-TV airs segment on the School as beneficiary of April 17 Taste of the Nation.

    2-26-13 Kelvin Ransom’s story in video.

    2-21-13 Byron Turner named to internship at Pasta & Provisions.

    2-4-13 Taste of the Nation tickets are on sale.


    12-24-12 Holiday hours at the School announced.

    12-18-12 Class 44 graduates.

    12-13-12 The Miracle on Distribution Street fund-raiser on Dec. 4: A video of the evening.

    12-6-12 Holiday treats for you this season.

    11-28-12 A Charlotte Observer ‘For the Record’ piece from Chef Ron about telling the nonprofit’s story.

    10-8-12 The Culinary Golf Classic for 2012.

    9-17-12 Who is the celebrity chef?

    9-12-12 Class 42 graduate Sheri Lucas is profiled in Pride magazine.

    9-11-12 Class 33 graduate Kevin Brown honored at work

    9-3-12 We hung out this welcome sign during the week of the Democratic National Convention.

    7-31-12 A memory lane picture: Can you identify the date?

    7-11-12 Mary Curtis visits and features the School on Fox Charlotte.

    7-5-12 Dine at Zebra Restaurant July 19 and help support the School.

    6-27-12 Chef Peter Reinhart joins Class 43 for a doughfest. Reinhart’s bio is here.

    6-15-12 Rick Lekoski wins a name-that-dish contest.

    6-6-12 Southwood Corp. donates signs to mark the Distribution Street building.

    5-23-12 Pro Chef store ready to sharpen your knives, and to support the School.

    5-20-12 Call Chef Ron about immediate job openings.

    4-18-12 Brandon Ladson, Class of 41, profiled in kitchen internship at Pasta & Provisions.

    4-9-12 It’s time for the Tosco Music Party.

    3-29-12 Covenant Presbyterian Women donate aprons.

    2-24-12 Taste of the Nation is coming April 11.

    2-23-12 Culinary skills were put to use when Shepherd’s Center contingent came to lunch.

    2-2-12 Class 42 holds its first BISTRO!

    1-5-12 Team-building you can eat, for the Arts & Science Council.


    12-27-11 How a TV story led to a donation.

    12-22-11 The Tosco Music Party Outreach Event

    12-20-11 Class 41 graduates.

    12-1-11 Spirit of Joy Church in Weddington makes a donation.

    12-1-11 Chef Chelsa Howard wins first place in a cobbler cooking contest.

    12-1-11 Here’s how to order your Cheddar Pecan Wafers or White Chocolate & Peppermint Pretzels.

    11-10-11 Chef Charles Talley Jr. takes Class 41 into New Orleans cooking.

    11-3-11 Wells Fargo Foundation makes a donation.

    11-3-11 A BISTRO! from Class 41.

    10-31-11 Happy Halloween! from the Nutrition Coalition.

    10-20-11 The Journey of the Butternut — a YouTube video.

    10-18-11 Erin Thrower donates a tree.

    10-15-11 A video about a key learning objective: focus.

    10-10-11 Here’s the golf tournament video.

    10-10-11 Class 38’s Chris Lineberger made a cake for today’s Golf Tournament.

    9-25-11 Class 41 begins lunch with BISTRO! training, announcing ingredients of what they’ve cooked.

    8-26-11 Call Amy for jobs during football season.

    8-26-11 Truliant Federal Credit Union donates $1,000 to support the school.

    8-15-11 Students in Class 40 gave their feedback on composting classes now part of their curriculum.

    8-12-11 We launch a Career Placement page.

    8-10-11 Richard Sims was in Night Class 15. Read his story.

    8-3-11 Nia Ambrose of Class 23 is back teaching, but bakes on the side.

    8-3-11 Edward Samuels of Class 32 was back, talking about using Facebook for promotions.

    6-7-11 Culinary School students will be at the West End Market this Saturday.

    5-19-11 The Charlotte Observer highlights the Culinary School’s application for job training funds from Mecklenburg County in an article that tracks potential winners and potential losers as the county alters its priorities for support of community agencies. Read the story on the Observer’s website. Text and a picture of the print edition are here.

    5-17-11 Class 40 has begun.

    5-1-11 Chef Ron describes the mission of Distribution Street on Charles Jenkins’ radio show.

    4-12-11 Class 39 graduates.

    3-30-11 Class 37 graduate Harriett Jackson received her knife set.

    3-20-11 Its a lamb dinner when the Culinary School partners to provide dinner at the Men’s Shelter.

    3-24-11 Watch the day’s BISTRO!

    2-15-11 Longtime Culinary School staff member Nancy Boero died Feb. 14. A tribute.

    1-11-11 The Wing Hut, the first restaurant started by CCSC graduates. The Observer story saved at Text cached.


    12-24-10 Class 38 is front and center in Charlotte Observer’s Friendship Gardens profile. Cache.

    12-14-10 Class 38 graduates.

    1-22-10 Class 36 graduate Johnnie Frazier received his knife set today.

    1-9-10 Instructor Chelsa Howard has a birthday.

    11-4-10 Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church holds a work day, donates outdoor stairs and patio.

    10-28-10 Class 37’s Harriett Jackson returns with a continuing education certificate in hand.

    10-22-10 A pickup load of sweet potatoes will go into Culinary School creations.

    10-21-10 Class 38 holds its second BISTRO!

    10-11-10 Class 38 helps put on the 8th Annual Golf Tournament, a fund-raiser at Cedarwood.

    10-7-10 Class 38 holds its first BISTRO!

    9-20-10 Class 38 culinarians begin their training with knife skills.

    9-15-10 CCSC graduate Lisa King visits from Johnson & Wales University.

    9-13-10 The School prepares for Class 38.

    8-25-10 Calling all contestants in a Chili Cook Off contest.

    8-24-10 Center City Partners presents a check to Community Culinary School.

    8-13-10 Class 34 graduate Dorothea Blakeney earns a knife set.

    8-10-10 Wachovia/Wells Foundation to give $1,000 grants to neighborhood nonprofits, including CCSC. Story saved at Text cache.

    7-29-10 Class 37 holds its final BISTRO!

    7-27-10 Composting 101 class for Class 37 ends with graduation!

    7-15-10 Class 37 holds a BISTRO!

    7-3-10 Our website sported this greeting for the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

    6-26-10 Ibti Vincent, on a 16-month tour of America, writes about the Culinary School.

    6-17-10 Class 37 holds a BISTRO!

    6-15-10 We have a winner in the Class 37 Muffin Contest.

    6-10-10 Chef Peter Reinhart conducts two-day breadmaking laboratory.

    6-3-10 Class 37 holds a BISTRO!

    6-1-10 Members of the Charlotte Herb Guild teach a class on making flavorful food without salt.

    5-27-10 Class 37 in the classroom making magic: a video.

    5-26-10 Slicing potatoes: A short movie.

    5-25-10 Class 37 students begin to learn about the garden, composting and irrigation.

    5-20-10 Slicing skills can be the start of a new career and new self-reliance.

    5-19-10 Charles Satterfield is the latest CCSC graduate to return to mark 6 months in the industry.

    5-17-10 Class 37 is off to a start, and the start is to focus on sanitation.

    4-14-10 Class 36 graduates.

    4-7-10 Class 36 marks a milestone: first class trained in gardening and composting.

    3-30-10 Students prepared leaves for composting and did some planting in the garden.

    3-18-10 We posted this reminder to students about the upcoming beginning of Class 37.

    2-22-10 The risotto cake was part of an Encore Catering job in which students gained experience.

    2-18-10 Class 36 holds its second BISTRO! as FOX News looks on.

    2-18-10 FOX News Channel spent the day at the Culinary School. A compilation of their various reports and video clips is here.

    2-17-10 The torch: passing on expertise and experience to the next generation of culinarians.

    2-9-10 An open house on Saturday, Valentine’s Day, will show off Class 36 students’ skills.

    2-2-10 Class 36 holds its first BISTRO!

    2-1-10 Biriam Thompson honored with Distinguished Service Award.

    1-1-10 The Charlotte Observer’s Editorial Page’s annual Thanks feature honored 11 people for their contributions to the community in 2009. One was School Executive Director Ron Ahlert. Follow these links to the Observer’s feature, to a copy of it on this site, to pictures of the feature and to the text of the articles.


    12-21-09 Class 35 graduates.

    12-26-09 Here’s the cake posted on the website during Christmas Week. Here are the rest of the cakes decorated during that cake-making session.

    12-21-09 Meet the graduates and listen to Chef Peter Reinhart’s commencement speech as Class 35 graduates. For graduation pictures, click here.

    12-11-09 Students work side by side with volunteers to prepare Friendship Trays meals.

    12-10-09 Students make cakes that then go to feed seniors at Parktowne Terrace.

    11-29-09 The Charlotte Observer profiled the School in its 2009 Giving Guide. Text cache of story.

    11-24-09 School and related nonprofits mentioned in Mission Possible report on WCNC.

    11-23-09 Chef Haines Barksdale’s cake-making class is featured in this Smilebox report.

    11-5-09 Click here for a Smilebox report on a Class 35 BISTRO!

    11-2-09 Johnson & Wales Chef on Assignment Peter Reinhart works with dough.

    10-29-09 SouthPark Magazine profiled Encore Catering.

    10-16-09 Building an intricate sandwich develops students’ finger skills.

    10-16-09 A report from the 7th Annual Golf Tournament at Cedarwood Golf Course.

    10-8-09 A little movie of today’s BISTRO is on YouTube.

    9-30-09 School alum Dwight Williams was featured in the Obsever’s Scene & Heard column.

    9-24-09 Class 35 students work on their knife skills.

    9-16-09 The School welcomes Class 35.

    9-15-09 Children from Trinity Episcopal School discover the cold cold freezer.

    9-11-09 Chef Donato preps in the Distribution Street kitchen for a Chicago event.

    8-27-09 Wells Fargo honors employee Chip Hood with a donation to the School.

    8-25-09 CCSC graduate Esteban Rodriguez returns to mark six months in the industry.

    8-22-09 There are signs that Class 35 is coming.

    8-11-09 Graduation Day for Class 34.

    7-30-09 Class 34 held its last BISTRO! today.

    7-4-09 Our website banner marking the Fourth of July.

    6-24-09 Johnson & Wales Chef on Assignment Peter Reinhart is Gluten Man!

    6-18-09 Class 34 holds its second BISTRO!

    6-8-09 Chef Ron helped lead the Breakfast Tour at Distribution Street, a time for people interested in the Culinary School to learn more.

    6-4-09 Class 34 held its first BISTRO! today.

    6-3-09 Students were preparing for BISTRO! today.

    5-28-09 It was knife skills training in the classroom today.

    5-27-09 Here was the introduction to a day on which Henry Owen shows students how to compost.

    5-22-09 School and Encore Catering profiled, with recipes, in the Culinary Corner of the Charlotte Weekly.

    5-15-09 A look at students out with the Gleaners.

    5-15-08 A hearty Welcome! to Class 34.

    5-14-09 The daily update keeps everyone informed, lets students see totality of work at Distribution Street.

    4-22-09 Between classes is time for Spring Cleaning at the Culinary School.

    4-14-09 It’s Graduation Day for Class 33.

    4-1-09 Mary Margaret Traxler, founder of Greater Charlotte Hospitality News, dies.

    3-28-09 Monroe Enquirer-Journal reports on Chef Ron Ahlert demonstrating cooking techniques at Anson Correctional Institution.

    3-23-09 Chef Ron led visitors on today’s Breakfast Tour.

    3-19-09 Class 33 holds another BISTRO!

    3-17-09 Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    3-13-09 IFSEA’s Grazing with the Chefs is coming up March 30.

    3-5-09 Class 33 holds a BISTRO!

    2-20-09 We have tickets for the April 15 Taste of the Nation.

    2-18-09 Students experience production of boxed lunches for 360.

    2-16-09 Zebra Chef/Owner Jim Alexander instructs in scratch salad dressings.

    2-11-09 Chef Haines Barksdale returns to teach cakemaking skills.

    2-5-09 Class 33 holds its first BISTRO!

    1-28-09 CCSC alum Gary Smith returns to coach students.

    1-23-09 A peeled potato is one outcome; training in knife skills is another.

    1-22-09 Class 33 gathers for the daily update before lunch.

    1-14-09 Class 33 begins with 26 students.

    1-8-09 The impact of the recession can be seen in applications for Class 33.

    1-1-09 A photo essay on the skills training that awaits Class 33.


    12-17-08 Our Holiday Card wishing you and yours a good holiday.

    12-14-08 Charlotte Observer features School graduate and Friendship Trays employee Betty Reed in its “The Gift of Giving” series.

    11-20-08 Cookbooks are donated to the Culinary School.

    11-12-08 Inspired Cooking cookbook has raised $9,400 for the Culinary School.

    11-10-08 Johnson & Wales Chef on Assignment Peter Reinhart shares his renowned baking talents and teaching skills with Class 32.

    11-6-08 Class 32 held its third BISTRO!

    10-30-08 Happy Halloween!

    10-23-08 Class 32 held its second BISTRO!

    10-22-08 Pastry chef Haines Barksdale shares her skills with the students.

    10-18-08 Students learn behind a pasta station at N.C. Dance Theatre fund-raiser.

    10-9-08 Class 32 held its first BISTRO!.

    10-1-08 Here’s the October curriculum calendar for Class 32.

    9-17-08 First day of Class 32.

    9-10-08 Graduate John Mapp writes about life and opportunities opened to him by his work at the Culinary School.

    9-1-08 Mary Margaret Traxler reviews the Culinary School’s “Midsummer Night’s Bistro” in Greater Charlotte Hospitality News.

    8-21-08 The school holds an evening BISTRO! for invited guests as a fund-raiser.

    8-12-08 First Presbyterian Church features the Culinary School in its “Spotlight on Service series.

    8-1-08 Culinary School students help scoop Charlotte ACF’s free ice cream social, covered in Greater Charlotte Hospitality News.

    7-11-08 Jim Wagner, former board president, is honored with a chef’s coat.

    7-3-08 The banner that flew over our website to mark the Fourth of July.

    6-30-08 Chef Peter Reinhart bakes up a storm with Class 31.

    6-19-08 A Class 28 graduate returns for knife set, an award for culinary success.

    6-6-08 Students took their skills curbside for the South End Fish Fry.

    6-2-08 School has attentive young audience at Concord Mills.

    4-24-08 Paul Mallon’s golf tournament prize was a four-course dinner for four.

    4-21-08 Volunteers from Independence Hill Baptist Church repaint classroom.

    4-16-08 Public radio station WFAE profiles Culinary School.

    4-10-08 Class 30 holds its last BISTRO!, and here are lots of pictures.

    3-27-08 Class 30 holds a BISTRO! And listen to the introductions.

    3-19-08 Chef Tim Schafer holds a class on the sweetest of culinary arts.

    3-13-08 Pictures from Class 30’s BISTRO!

    2-28-08 Class 30 holds another BISTRO!

    1-31-08 Class 30 holds its first BISTRO!

    1-18-08 Share Our Strength founder Bill Shore visits the school.


    10-07 Charlotte Observer Food Editor Kathleen Purvis’ profile of Johnson & Wales Chef on Assignment Peter Reinhart, who volunteers to teach breadmaking at the Community Culinary School. Published in the Charlotte Observer, this story is no longer posted at the Queens University of Charlotte site; at the time of publication, Reinhart was enrolled there in a writing program.